Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment

From 130,000 USD

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.       Single Applicant: USD 130,000
·       Applicant & Spouse: USD 150,000
·       Married Couple with 1 child <18: USD 165,000
·       Married Couple with 2 children <18: USD 180,000
·       Additional Dependent: USD 10,000

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Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment


The Vanuatu Development Support Program was launched in 2017 under the Citizenship Act, Chapter 112 of the Laws of Vanuatu. The program is of a very fast process, which takes around 2 months. There is no physical stay requirement whilst waiting or after obtaining the passport. Dual citizenship is allowed. There is no tax on a worldwide income. Vanuatu passport grants visa free travel to 94 destinations.


EU and Non-EU nationals may apply. Exception is for the citizens of Iran, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and North Korea; nationals of these countries are not eligible unless they can prove their permanent residence abroad of at least five years.

Main Applicant needs to be at least 18 years of age. One may include into application his/her spouse, financially dependent unmarried children up to the age of 25 years and who are still studying; financially dependent parents over the age of 50 years, who live under the same roof as the Main Applicant or/and his/her spouse.

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FAQ for Vanuatu is for informational purposes only. To get the most recent update on the program, please speak to our Advisors.

No. There is no minimum physical stay requirement before, during or after obtaining a citizenship.

Visa free travel to 94 countries. With Vanuatu passport you may spend up to 180 days a year in UK, travel visa free to Hong Kong and Singapore amongst all other destinations. Vanuatu citizens may obtain B1/B2 visas for 5 years. This visa will enable you to spend up to 180 days a year in the United States.

It may take as little as one month.
  1. Preliminary Due Diligence.
  2. First stage of the document collection.
  3. Due Diligence at the FIU.
  4. Second state of gathering remaining documents.
  5. Application submission and processing.
  6. Approval and complying of the investment requirement.
  7. Taking an oath and receiving the passport.
No. Only the official program’s representative can apply of investor’s behalf.
No. Donation to be paid to Vanuatu government is non-refundable in the successful case of application. However, should your application be rejected, the initial transfer of 25% of the full donation will be refunded to the investor.

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