Understanding Residence by Investment

Although the world today has become globalized and more connected than ever, disparities in financial, political, and social systems ensure that boundaries and borders are still a fact of life. Different regulations apply when one wants to live, work, or study in a different country.

High Net Worth individuals are seeking to move freely visa free, invest and do business in developed countries, hence interest in European regulations. Malta remains the main country in Europe that is offering residence by investment or citizenship by investment regulations for Non-EU nationals. The highest levels of due diligence are conducted to ensure only the highest repute individuals could take benefits of these regulations.  This and other reasons has led to an increased interest in the residence and citizenship by investment in Malta.

Define Residence by Investment

The term “residency by investment” refers to the procedure by which a person with a substantial amount of wealth can gain temporary or permanent residency in a specific country in exchange for making a significant investment in the economy of the destination country. The ability to legally dwell in the destination country and take advantage of many of the same social and economic benefits as citizens of that country, is one of the most significant advantages offered by residency and citizenship programs.

Advantages of Residence by Investment

  • Investment

Not only individual has a right to live, study and do business in chosen country, but also has the right to invest.

  • Protecting the Family

Individual has a right to apply with his/her family, meaning that all family members that are eligible to apply can take advantages and enjoy the resident status of the chosen country.

  • Freedom of Movement

An individual who has a permanent residence in Malta can travel in Schengen area without a visa.

  • Access to the Best Social, Education, and Healthcare Services

If an investor has residency in Malta, they may enjoy outstanding medical care, British system of education.

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