Turkey Program Increases Real Estate Investment Requirement to 400,000 USD

As from 13th of June 2022 the real estate investment option to obtain Turkish citizenship will increase to 400,000 USD instead of previously requested 250,000 USD. It is assumed that increase in requirement is due to increased price in building materials, however, no such reason officially announced.

Investors willing to obtain Turkish citizenship, but not willing to invest in real estate, have other options available. Investments in business, bank deposit, purchase of government bonds or purchase of units in an investment fund are still available at 500,000 USD each option. All investment options are to be kept for at least three years.

Another new amendment to Turkish citizenship by investment program announced in government gazette is that a new investment category is now available to investors as from 13th of June 2022. Applicants can now opt to invest a minimum of 500,000 USD into a private pension, which is to be kept in a fund approved by the Insurance and Private Pensions Regulation and Supervision Agency. This investment is also to be kept for at least three years.

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